Our Story

cropped-Sweetest_Sound_Studios_LLC_logo_20x20in-02-4Founded in August of 2018 Sweetest Sound Studios is built on the belief that the sweetest sounds inspire life.

After spending a decade taking music lessons and teaching traditional private lessons for a year our founder Renee envisioned what a community of music lovers could look like.

Sweetest Sound Studios is a studio for everyone. We’re here for the prodigies, and the shower starlets, the improv-savvy and those who believe in the sacred nature of sheet music. We’re here for those who practice every day at 3:30 on the dot and those who hum along to music legends in their driveway’s once a week. We’re here for those who love music, who want to make themselves a priority for an hour a week, or want their children to understand the gift of music.

Sweetest Sound Studios recognizes music as a means to personal, social, emotional, and cultural preservation. And we believe that everyone deserves access to quality music education.

We also recognize that music is not one size fits all. There will never be one method that serves the entire spectrum of one person’s needs. Our teachers understand and are flexible to meet your unique needs to fit your unique music goals.

We offer online and in-person lessons.